The Best Defense Strategies Are Based In Experience

Time Is Of The Essence. When You Call Me, I Act.

Whether you are facing a traffic charge or DWI, it’s important to protect yourself from the earliest moment possible. I am attorney Mike Rogers, and my mission is to accurately assess your situation, listen to what you need and then move forward in a way that meets your objectives. Above all, I want to protect your future and preserve your rights.

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Turn to me when times get tough. I provide a proven legal strategy that takes into account your specific situation, your needs and what you want to happen.

Viewing Your Options Through A Wide-Angle Lens

Because I have a broad base of experience, I understand the challenges, implications and the opportunity your citation or DWI creates. I’ve had experience in civil suits, have worked as a prosecutor and have years of criminal defense practice. I understand the law from both angles: prosecution and defense. I know what the other side is likely to do and will use the effective counter move to protect your interests.

Defense Based On What Works

I work to ensure that your case gets the time, attention and energy it deserves. I am here to explain the process as well as discuss all of the ways we can move forward.

Because I run my own firm, I am agile and flexible, and able to pivot when the situation warrants. A criminal conviction can severely limit your future options for housing, loans and grants, and certain types of governmental financial support.

Having a criminal record can limit the type of job you can get and even constrain your eligibility for certifications or professional licensing. If you lose your ability to legally operate a vehicle, it will make parenting complicated and make getting to and from a job more difficult.

Working To Keep You And Your Life On Track

I know you want to put all of this behind you as soon as possible. I will work to make sure it’s done in a way that does not sacrifice your options or your future. I offer a free consultation. Call me at Rogers Legal Group PLLC at 956-420-6183. Located in Edinburg, I help clients throughout Hidalgo County. You can also connect with me via website contact email.