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Possession of illicit substances by young people

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | DWI

Children and young people are not immune to drug arrests. Additionally, as the parent of someone who is not legally able to drink, there are additional alcohol possession and consumption laws to consider.

This article will look at a few different categories of drug and alcohol laws in Texas. However, please remember that every case is different, and, therefore, protecting your child’s rights is likely to be easier with a customized strategy.

Marijuana laws

Texas law changed recently with respect to marijuana and hemp. You might know some of the details, but this issue is still in flux.

In general, possessing a controlled substance is illegal — whether someone thinks it is illegal or not. The right to remain silent might provide some protection while you analyze the factual details of the case.


Pharmaceuticals are widely available to young people. While these medications are legal in some cases, they have strict controls.

Again, since the law is specific about the labeling, use and possession of controlled pharmaceuticals, these cases might be complex. Your child might need an overall, strategic view of the situation to choose the best possible path forward with a criminal charge of this nature.

Alcohol charges

DWI charges might have different consequences for your child. Those under the legal drinking age could face stricter penalties for both positive chemical tests and convictions.

A note: DWI might involve intoxicants other than alcohol. Other passengers in the vehicle might also face charges that are specific to the situation, depending on the age of the driver.

There is often an aspect of disappointment when it comes to these arrests, but your child would certainly not be alone in having an arrest for substance-related allegations. Further, young people have rights in criminal cases — rights that you might be able to help protect.