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What are traffic safety stops?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | DWI

Drivers have likely dealt with – or at least heard of – traffic safety stops before. These traffic stops often do not cause great impact on a driver’s day, but can still be a source of psychological stress.

Knowing as much as possible about these stops before encountering them is one potential way to ensure they do not cause as much distress.

How DUI stops work

LifeSafer discusses traffic safety stops and how they impact drivers. The intention of a traffic safety stop, or a DUI stop, is to take intoxicated drivers off of the road and improve road safety for everyone else.

Officers will usually set up these stops on busy roads, highways, areas of high traffic, or places where intoxicated drivers tend to pass through.

DUI stops work by sectioning off a part of the road and allowing officers to pull over anyone who passes through at random and test them for potential intoxication. Under normal circumstances, officers must have a plausible cause to pull someone over for the same issue.

Why they are a potential issue

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of giving police the power to pull them over at will, for essentially no reason. To help combat that, some states require officers to provide alternative routes to those who want to avoid the traffic stop. Most states also require officers to post notice in advance that a DUI stop is up ahead.

Drivers have the legal right to avoid a DUI stop if they wish. They must simply abide by the rules of the road when making their exit.