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How does a DWI affect insurance?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | DWI

If the police arrest you because they believe you were driving while intoxicated, you need to know the full range of consequences you could face. Learning this can help you decide whether to try and contest the charge or not.

One consequence that many defendants forget about is how a conviction will affect their vehicle insurance premiums.

A DWI will increase your car insurance premiums for several years

Being charged with a DWI and then acquitted will not affect your insurance premiums. Admitting you were guilty or having a court find you guilty will.

According to Bankrate, you can expect insurers to charge you an average of 49% more after a first DWI conviction in Texas. It’s an average of $1,288 more per year for full coverage. Interestingly, though, the rise is much lower than most states – the national average is an 88% rise in insurance premiums after a DUI. 

Note that the increased rate won’t be a one-off. It will stay higher than normal for several years.

One conviction could have a knock-on effect

Most people make mistakes when driving, and if you pick up another driving-related conviction in the future, be it DWI or something else, your insurance premiums could rise further. So it is wise to try and contest every charge you can. While you hope it will be the only one you ever face, there are no guarantees, and insurance companies will look at your overall driving record when deciding how much to charge you.

There are many ways to contest a DWI, and with legal help, you can find the most appropriate option for your situation.